Coasteering is the adventure sport of the moment, a full on adrenalin activity guaranteed to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. This must try activity is the fastest growing adventure sport in the United Kingdom with Wales being one of the prime locations for this exhilarating sport, so if you have to do just one thing with us it has to be Coasteering.

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Canoeing and Kayaking

PADDLE AWAY Canoeing and kayaking is a fabulous way to explore the Anglesey coastline and because of the diverse range of waters from sheltered bays to tidal races it’s a sport which can be enjoyed by all ages. The waters off Holy Island, at the western tip of Anglesey, rival any sea paddling destinations in the world and this is where Sea Kayaking UK is based.  Run by Nigel Dennis, the first man to circumnavigate Britain in a kayak, he ...

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